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I took my first Spin class was immediately addicted!

My fitness journey began two years ago and I know I will continue it for the rest of my life! Fitness has changed me in so many amazing ways. It's now a lifestyle!

I reached a point that I just wasn't feeling and looking the way I wanted which caused me to feel very unhappy. I needed to make changes. I dieted and lost the weight. Now my work began - keeping the weight off and getting in shape!  

I discovered spinning and was taking classes 5 times a week! I couldn't get enough! My instructor Louisa (a ZING client turned instructor!) became my mentor and friend, encouraging me to add weight training to my plan and it was the best advice!  I stepped way outside my comfort zone and found a new mentor and friend - Bryan at Kaeos Fitness. The combination of weight training and cardio became my passion!  I was down 23 pounds on the scale and dropped 27 pounds of body fat! 

My love for health, wellness and caring for others has always been my focus, working as a nurse for 13 years. I now have the opportunity to encourage others on their fitness journey. My life has changed in so many ways and I want to share it! 

I can't wait to help you through your very own fitness journey!  Book your bike or join me in GroupX for that total body transformation you're looking for!