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Sophia Mirwis


Sophia Mirwis


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As a gymnast from an early age, I've always had a passion to set fitness goals and channel my competitive spirit.  My spinning career started three years ago and it didn’t take long for me to find my new passion! 

My amazing husband, my (super cute!) baby girl, and my very supportive family have all helped me realize my potential, have the confidence to push my limits, and do what I love! 

My competitive nature (me against me!) has always been the driving force behind my motivation, which is why I feel spinning is such a natural and perfect fit!  After getting spin certified, I started riding with a different perspective and a new focus: inspiring others and helping each person in my class to find their own competitive spirit AND fall in love with fitness!

Now I wasn’t just competing, I was having the best time inspiring others! I’m so excited to start this new journey at Zing with passion and energy!

Come ride with me and realize your own potential!