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Paige Niccoll


Paige Niccoll


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You will SMILE all day!

Paige is a Global Wellness Leader! She brings her experience of a successful 20 year corporate career plus her life-long passion for fitness and holistic well-being into each and every class she teaches.

She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a group fitness and Level 2 Spinning instructor since 2009, as well as the proud mom of 3 active boys! FUN FACT - Paige was a coxswain (leads the rowers) for her university's Men’s Crew Club, so of course her clear guiding voice, decisive aptitude and coaching instincts make her a natural instructor! Rarely will you leave Paige’s class without experiencing at least one set of “power 5s” or “power 10s” of a good regatta. Translation: AmaZING intervals!

Paige's classes are both fun and challenging with attention to proper form to bring out your very best! Her exciting and motivating teaching style (and her great taste in music!) bring unique and different challenges to each class. Every class ends with a focus on breath, gratitude and the tremendous feeling of accomplishment!

Feel absolutely empowered and inspired! Book a class with Paige and smile the whole day!