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Malik Peterson


Malik Peterson


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“Control the Controllable”

This is one of my favorite quotes - in short it means focusing your efforts & energy on changing the things that will eventually lead to a better life. One of the easiest things to commit to changing is your mindset and overall well being. Exercise is my favorite way to help you make these changes.

My name is Malik Peterson. My fitness journey began with high school sports. I loved weightlifting, training and all things fitness! I also loved the spirit and thrill of competition, and the overall goal of always improving my performance. 

My training career took off by chance, simply by being an inadvertent resource for friends and peers. It was then that I discovered a greater passion for my own training, so I set out to learn as much as I possibly could - both physically, mentally, and emotionally to become a personal trainer. 

Malik now personal trains in various fitness facilities, trains high level athletes, as well as clients who simply want to improve their overall fitness and well being. Join Malik in GroupX and control the controllable!