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Chris SantaMaria


Chris SantaMaria


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Chris brings a larger-than-life presence to everything he does! 

An amazing athlete, Chris loves all things fitness. He has always had a passion for movement, and performing was his childhood dream. He began his fitness career at age 20 - fast forward 8 years of dance and performance experience and Chris is now one of THE MOST respected talents in Bergen County.

Incredibly grounded, extremely positive and approachable, Chris's energy is INSANE!

You can be 100% sure that he will give 200% in every class he leads and even in a packed class he makes a personal connection to every single person in the room! He is guaranteed to motivate you to go that extra mile especially when you think you can’t go any further!

There is no doubt that his soulful, spirited personality, combined with his crazy energy is what makes Chris's classes so unique and so much fun!

Be prepared to sweat more than you ever have in this incredible mind-over-matter "beast-mode" class!

Chris is an avid yogi, and a 200 HR certified yoga teacher. You can also find him in NYC at 305 Fitness.

The CSM PROJECT! Come experience what everybody's talking about!