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Chav Rosen


Chav Rosen


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"The strength in a tree lies in its ability to bend." (Zen Proverb) A simple quote that holds great truth to exactly who I am, both on and off the mat and both as student and teacher. Finding yoga for me, following a devastating back injury, led me on this incredible journey towards renewal, hope and healing. I generally use one simple hashtag for which I have become known that truly helps people understand my tremendous passion for yoga and what brought me to where I am today...#backfromabrokenback. 

After enjoying much of my time attending all different types of yoga classes, my practice and love of yoga just grew and grew. I reached a point that I knew I had to spend the rest of my life sharing this beautiful gift with others. I completed my 200 hour RYT certification under one of the most inspiring yoga gurus in NJ, and  spent a rigorous nine months learning everything I needed to know and understand to set off on this incredible journey as a Hatha trained instructor with a specialty in creating dynamic, fun and energetic fitness based Vinyasa Flows.

 I have had the honor and the pleasure of working with students of all different ages and levels, both in a class setting as well as one on one, working to help them achieve their goals all while learning so many new things about themselves. Since I began teaching yoga, my goal for each of my classes is to take students through a variety of flows and movements all while grooving to some amazing beats like EDM and Hip Hop, both not typically found in yoga.

Get ready to see yoga kicked up a notch when we add in different props to aide in increasing our strength and flexibility all while adding to our spicy flows. We work together to tone our bodies and focus our minds, leaving with not just an experience that we have together but with a breakthrough as well. 

Chavie Rosen grew up in Potomac, MD and now lives in Englewood, NJ with her husband Ami and two children, TT and Shmoozie.