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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be in shape to try your classes?

Exercise at your own pace in both studios.

All classes at ZING Fitness Studios are designed for all fitness levels! Beginners are welcome! 

In all spin classes every rider is in control at all times of their own bike - You choose the pedal speed and resistance.

Our amazing instructors always guide, encourage and motivate each person to meet or even exceed their fitness goals for an amaZing experience!

Why ZING Fitness Studios?

ZING Fitness Studios is an à la carte boutique fitness center. Far superior to classes in gyms, our studios at over 3,000 square feet are designed to offer the best group fitness workout anywhere - with no memberships and no fees!

At ZING we've taken group fitness to the highest level!

  • Beautiful contemporary styling
  • Spa-like amenities, abundant parking
  • The best instructors, the best workout
  • Extensive class schedules
  • Affordably priced classes
  • À la carte, no memberships, no fees

We feature a convenient schedule of classes for all levels. Our website is simple to navigate. Registering for classes is quick and easy from any device. Click here for schedule/register.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Our friendly and accommodating customer service is top notch! We're here to help!

What is indoor cycling or spinning?

Indoor cycling is a group fitness class where both instructor and riders are on stationary bikes.

The instructor rides a bike facing the class on a raised "stage" and leads the class through an interval cardiovascular workout set to great music. Usually the lights are dimmed to create atmosphere.

Spinning is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Do I need special cycling shoes for spin class?

Spin shoes are not needed.  The bike pedals have special "cages" that hold your sneakers securely.

Our Schwinn ACPP bikes also have clips for cycling shoes. When purchasing, ask for SPD clips (mountain bike type), which are standard.

If you are new to indoor cycling we recommend trying a few classes before purchasing. Our instructors will help adjust your bike and explain the performance console. Please arrive 15 minutes before class for a complete explanation.

I've never taken a group fitness class. What can I expect?

Our ZingroupX studio is welcoming and comfortable.

We suggest new customers choose classes that are right for them by reading a brief description of each unique class and choose classes that inspire and motivate!.

You can expect to have an amaZing workout experience!

Detialed class descriptions can be found HERE

Do I have to sign a contract?

ZING Fitnes Studios are boutique fitness studios - not a gym! There is no need to sign a contract!

Choose from a consistent variety of affordably priced classes offered à la carte and requiring absolutely no memberships or fees.

What should I bring to class?

  • Water - Hydrate! You'll sweat a lot in every class! Water is available if you forget.
  • We provide towels.
  • Wear comfortable workout gear (avoid loose fitting pants and long shoelaces for spinning).

How do I get started?

  •  Create an account on our website ☛ Go Zing
  •  Check out our convenient class schedule ☛ Go Zing
  •  Choose a class that's best for you and reserve your bike or mat. ☛ Go Zing
  •  Arrive to class and enjoy!

More questions?

Contact Us!